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Emily Coombe 

Positive Dog Training 


6 Hr 


6 Week Puppy Training Course

6 Hr 


6 Week Dog Training Course

1 Hr 


1-2-1 Dog Training 

1 Hr 


Solo Training Walks


Pablo has a smile on his face after completing his 6 week training course 👏 🐶 🎓


Congratulations to Milo for completing his 6 week puppy course 🎓 🐶🙌 Today we made a little obstacle course to test some of the things he has learnt over the six weeks🐾 Him and his owners have done such a great job! 


Congratulations to Zig and her wonderful family for completing her 6 week training course 👏 🐶 🎓 Zig is a rescue who was believed to have been used for ratting or fox hunting before she was adopted by her current owners. Having been unlikely to have had any previous training she has absolutely smashed her training course. Recall, drop and waiting at doorways are only some of the behaviours she has learnt.I’m very proud of you zig ❤️


Congratulations to Milly and her owner for completing the 6 week puppy training course 🐶 🎓 We ended with a sunny recall session in which Milly managed to sprint back for dogs for treats and toy rewards 👏 Her owners training has really paid off over the course and Milly can now enjoy off lead walks safely and show off a number of behaviours including a settle and loose lead walking ❤️

Happy Customers

Positive Reinforcement Training

If you're unsure of booking in a session or want immediate advice regarding a specific area of training, check out my training handouts! I have booklets for loose lead walking, recall training, how to cope with puppy mouthing and many more!

I use science based methods focused on positive reinforcement.  Positive reinforcement training is a force free method that uses rewards to motivate and modify behaviour. This method can be used to teach everyday skills that help keep our dogs happy, calm and safe. Your dog's welfare is prioritised and everything is taken at your dog's pace to set them up for success. 

All About Me

I'm Emily Coombe.

I offer Dog Training sessions and Behaviour consultations

in Bristol 

Emily is such a fantastic trainer, we have spent time with her with both our dogs and she is brilliant with them and us! I couldn't recommend her more, she has a calm and lovely way about her and our dogs adore her!

Lianne C.

We've just finished Emily's 6-week puppy training course with our cocker spaniel, Errol. Emily has been brilliant. She is hugely knowledgeable, kind, patient and Errol absolutely loved her. We learned so much over the course of the 6 weeks, from recall to walking on the lead, managing separation, sleeping, calming Errol down when he gets excited - even how to sweep the floor without him jumping on the broom! Emily answered all of our questions and gave us practical solutions at every stage. We named her the dog whisperer! Thanks, Emily. 

Kerry. H

Emily is a fantastic dog trainer! We are first time puppy owners and Emily was so patient and kind. Our Irish Setter, Holly, loved the 6 week 1-to-1 course we did with Emily, and although the sessions ended up quite spread out due to availability, that was actually a positive in the end as we could practice what we'd learnt between sessions and work out what was most needed next. Holly loved Emily to bits, as did we! We can't recommend her enough

Jamie. S

Emily helped us with our Jack Russell/Westie Cross puppy, Luna. Luna had all the usual endearing and frustrating puppy behaviours. On the 6-week puppy course, Emily showed us how to communicate to Luna what we wanted from her in a positive, fun way. I really felt we were in knowledgeable, reassuring and confident hands with Emily. Emily came to our local area and worked at the level of Luna (and of course me), and has an instant rapport with Luna. I especially enjoyed the session at the park on the long lead as I really wanted to work towards being able to walk Luna off lead. I would definitely recommend Emily. 

Harriet. L

Fantastic training technique from Emily. Archie has great fun in training and has come along way since the start of the 6 week course. He's gone from a pup that would pull on the lead and have no recall around dogs to walking with a loose lead and coming back on a recall despite many doggy distractions. He's also conquered, drop and leave which for a massive foodie retriever can be difficult but he now follows commands without question. Can not thank Emily, enough, she's helped shape him into a happy dog and has given a lot of great advice on how to deal with certain situations that occur. 

Would highly recommend.

Nick. M

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