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Emily Coombe 

Positive Dog Training 

Customer reviews

We've just finished Emily's 6-week puppy training course with our cocker spaniel, Errol. Emily has been brilliant. She is hugely knowledgeable, kind, patient and Errol absolutely loved her. We learned so much over the course of the 6 weeks, from recall to walking on the lead, managing separation, sleeping, calming Errol down when he gets excited - even how to sweep the floor without him jumping on the broom! Emily answered all of our questions and gave us practical solutions at every stage. We named her the dog whisperer! Thanks, Emily. 

Kerry with Errol

Emily helped us with our Jack Russell/Westie Cross puppy, Luna. Luna had all the usual endearing and frustrating puppy behaviours. On the 6-week puppy course, Emily showed us how to communicate to Luna what we wanted from her in a positive, fun way. I really felt we were in knowledgeable, reassuring and confident hands with Emily. Emily came to our local area and worked at the level of Luna (and of course me), and has an instant rapport with Luna. I especially enjoyed the session at the park on the long lead as I really wanted to work towards being able to walk Luna off lead. I would definitely recommend Emily. 

Harriet with Luna

Emily is a fantastic dog trainer! We are first time puppy owners and Emily was so patient and kind. Our Irish Setter, Holly, loved the 6 week 1-to-1 course we did with Emily, and although the sessions ended up quite spread out due to availability, that was actually a positive in the end as we could practice what we'd learnt between sessions and work out what was most needed next. Holly loved Emily to bits, as did we! We can't recommend her enough

Jamie with Holly

Fantastic training technique from Emily. Archie has great fun in training and has come along way since the start of the 6 week course. He's gone from a pup that would pull on the lead and have no recall around dogs to walking with a loose lead and coming back on a recall despite many doggy distractions. He's also conquered, drop and leave which for a massive foodie retriever can be difficult but he now follows commands without question. Can not thank Emily, enough, she's helped shape him into a happy dog and has given a lot of great advice on how to deal with certain situations that occur.

Would highly recommend.

Nick with Archie

Tango was quickly aroused when interacting with other dogs and constantly seeked attention at home. We were really concerned about it becoming a hazard for our coming baby!

Emily helped us to better understand him, work on his self-control, reduce Tango’s (and our) stress levels and enjoy the walkies again.

Pau with Tango

Balin is my first dog and I am so glad I invested in puppy training with Emily. I came to Emily when the sleepless nights, barking and constant biting were really taking its toll on myself and my partner. I feel like I understood him so much better after each session, I can see him growing into a really lovely companion and I have Emily to thank.

Dani with Balin

Emily is such a fantastic trainer, we have spent time with her with both our dogs and she is brilliant with them and us! I couldn’t recommend her more, she has a calm and lovely way about her and our dogs adore her!

Lianne with Oreo and Nova

Emily is a lovely friendly trainer with a huge knowledge and passion for dogs. As complete dog novices she gave us the confidence to try new things with our pup, instill the basics of training and tailored the program specifically for our pup’s needs. She also gave us brilliant advice about feeding, sleeping and all aspects of puppy life. Highly recommended!

Amanda with Rudi

I was at my wit’s end with my adolescent staffy and felt totally lost with his extreme overarousal that would often lead to some quite serious bites! As much as I loved him, I was nervous every day we would go out for a walk because he was so unpredictable and had such heightened arousal at the smallest of stimuli (a leaf in the wind could trigger an episode, and no treats/toys in the world would distract him out of it). Emily came round to my house and did a full assessment and since that day, having worked hard on the instructions I was given, I now have a totally different dog! Walks are an absolute dream, he is brilliant both off and on the lead, and I also learnt so much re. how I should deal with the early signs of over-arousal and how to manage his behaviour. I am a million times more confident with him, and I can now have friends and family over without the fear of him hurting someone when he gets over excited. I have my best friend back and I cannot thank Emily enough for her help!

Paul with Reni

We have recently completed Emily’s 6 week puppy training course with our little working cocker, Lily. Lily loved Emily and always enjoyed her classes. Emily is very knowledgeable and really knows her stuff; she taught us loads and always had practical answers for our questions and solutions for our frustrations with Lily! Thank you Emily!

Claire with Lily

We recently completed the 6 week 1-to-1 face-to-face puppy course with Emily, for our (now) 18-week old cocker spaniel puppy, called Rowan. Emily is a fantastic trainer, really kind and patient. If something doesn’t work one way, she always has an idea on how to do it another way. She really sets your dog up for success. Our puppy has made so much progress in these 6 weeks. We also now feel we have the tools to carry on training our puppy further independently. Thanks Emily! Highly recommended!

Katie with Rowan

Emily was amazing when we got our puppy aged 13 weeks. I hadn’t booked puppy training classes and as a total dog novice needed help and advice with training. She has a very positive rewards based method of training which I loved and she worked with me and my 2 daughters to help us with not just good behaviour but also some fun tricks. She also had great tips on good toys to help with chewing etc. She is extremely reliable, obviously very experienced in a huge range of dog behaviour and clearly adores her work and dogs. I highly recommend her. Thank you Emily!

Hannah with Bella

I contacted Emily regarding our Bullmastiff puppy, Maggie. This was for lead training and general house behaviour. I was very pleased with the outcome, Emily was quick to respond to my emails and within a day has arranged a home visit. During the training it was clear she is professional knows what she’s doing! Had no issues demonstrating her techniques and soon Maggie was learning. After just one training session Emily left me feeling confident Maggie could be taught no problem.

Very reasonable prices too - if your ever unsure about paying for training do it - it’s well worth it.

An excellent service provided and would 100% have Emily back for more training if needed.

Nick with Maggie

Emily was fab! We’ve been struggling with a few things for weeks, and however much online research we did, we couldn’t seem to solve the problem. Emily’s patience and consistency with the training was incredible and set us a great example to learn from. She gave us some really simple clever tricks and new ways of training Bailey our cockerpoo, which really helped. It was wonderful to see such an improvement in just a 1-hour training session. Thank you so much!

Amanda with Bailey

We contacted Emily after hearing positive feedback from a friend. Emily was very prompt in her responses and arranging a session.

Emily immediately made us feel at ease with our dog who has been struggling with separation anxiety. She taught as some very valuable practical skills to help ease his anxieties and also for his general well-being.

She is extremely knowledgeable and a great asset to call upon.

Look forward go working with her in the future.

Ashlea with Enzo

5* Emily has made us feel positive and confident for the first time since we got our puppy with some really invaluable training that is already working within a day! Our pup had serious issues with relentless biting and we were at our wits end with it. Emily got to know him and his behaviour first and showed us first-hand what we were missing and what worked well for him. It's been the best day we've had yet with him now and couldn't recommend Emily more for anyone wanting to look after their dog more!

Konna with Waffles

Emily has helped us so much. There have been times when we've felt as though we're failing our dog and doing everything wrong. I cannot explain how much better we felt after just one session with Emily! She is so encouraging, knowledgeable, caring and, most importantly, fantastic with our (big, borky, bouncy) dog. We can't recommend her enough

Henry and Megan with Kenji

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