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Emily Coombe 

Positive Dog Training 


As a full CAB member of the APBC, Emily’s costs can likely be claimed on your insurance. Completion of insurance paperwork is included in the price of the assessment. I will continue to complete paperwork as often as needed. 

First follow up session (post assessment) : 

Includes: The session and an updated report for the client and veterinarian.

In person:

1.5 hrs- 82.50

1 hour - £60

Zoom session:

1.5 hours £75

1 hour £50

Additional follow ups

Includes: The session and an updated report for the client and veterinarian.

In person


Zoom session



Initial Consultation, mileage, pre assessment advice, report, vet liaison, hand-outs where appropriate and 3 months of support. 

Support involves:

- Email check-ins and troubleshooting

- Reviewing Whatsapp video footage

- Phone calls (in emergencies only)

Support does not include  additional practical sessions, these are charged per session/ per hour.

Duration of Consultation:

1.5 - 2 hours

Booking a Follow up session is strongly advised so I can help you implement the protocols put in place effectively. Follow up sessions can be booked at the same time as booking the assessment or after the assessment. 

In person session: £350

Zoom session: £300

Behaviour Assessment


Initial consultation, pre-assessment advice, a small write up explaining the protocols introduced in the session, vet liaison  and four weeks maximum support to give clarity on protocols.

No ongoing support will be provided post these four weeks; however, clients can upgrade and receive extra support if needed. 

Duration of Consultation:

1.5 - 2 hours


This option suits dogs with one problem behaviour (rather than multiple). 

If medication is recommended during the assessment, then a support upgrade must be purchased (for £30.00) so I can continue to maintain contact with your veterinarian.

In person session: £250

Zoom session: £200

Basic Behavioural Assessment

Emily is a fully qualified Clinical Animal Behaviourist for the Association Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and the Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC).

Do you require a Behaviour consultation?

Behaviour consultations are suitable for dogs showing behaviours such as aggressive behaviour, phobias, anxieties, abnormal repetitive behaviours and heightened arousal.

*Vet Referral* 

All Behavioural consultations must be done via Vet Referral. I will send you a Vet referral form that you can forward to your vets. If your vets have not seen your dog within the last 6 months, a full health check may be required. 

Behaviour consultations

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